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A FUTURE OF WORK: Superheroes Coworking!

Updated: May 31, 2018


There are some major changes the superheroes of the world are going through. An alternate reality where these mighty beings are ditching their existing place of business and work and moving out of it to find something better, embracing the "Future of Work"

It’s just in! The Merc with a Mouth takes a turn for the twisted, as he puts Professor X in his cross-chair over security deposit. Deadpool is moving out of the X-Mansion again and is not happy about not getting his deposit back. Looks like Deadpool is again in need of a new work space. We hear that this new work space is “The Future of Work” and doesn’t require you to put down a security deposit, before you start. Is this really the Future of work? Only time will tell!

The Heli-carrier has been destroyed again! The Heli-carrier is the mobile Headquarters of the intelligence agency S.H.E.I.L.D. Colonel Nick Fury, the leading agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. has said while they will have a new heli-carrier from the Stark Industry as their warship, they will be moving their base from the flying aircraft carrier to a more stable location, somewhere where they blend in easily. They say its “The Future of Work.”

After bad reviews about the moon from Medusa, Captain Marvel have been on a hunt for a new base for herself. The earth’s mightiest superhero and freelancer, is tired of creeps and is looking to move to a work space, which makes her feel less lonely and is also an easy commute. We hear from our sources, that she has also found “The Future of Work”, a space which has a great community and is easy to travel to.

BREAKING NEWS! Now the Avengers are also have moved their base to a work space which is said to be “The Future of Work.” The Billionaire Tony Stark has just sold his newly refurbished Avengers Mansion for $1 to Luke Cage. The Avengers Mansion located at 890 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York was the base for The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Where Do you think the Avengers are moving?

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY JOIN "THE FUTURE OF WORK"? - Read in our next segment - stay tuned.

APPENDIX - What is "the future of work"?

Where and how people work is rapidly changing. People are giving up on working from home/cafes and traditional offices and are choosing the alternate working style, Coworking! The most prevalent reasons to use such shared spaces across the globe are reduced costs, no fixed capital investment and increased flexibility. Due to readily available infrastructure, you can start working from day one and it reduces the overhead cost.

There is no restriction on increasing/decreasing number of seats in a cowering space unlike conventional leasing, where due to limited size of leased are, expansion becomes difficult. Hence, for someone like the Avengers, who keep increasing their team size, Coworking becomes a good option.

When Thanos snaps his finger and most of the avengers disappear, (we won’t name them) the rest of them do not need to pay for the entire team.

Isolation is one of the key problems that arises for freelancers and coworking provides sort of human contact – a community of like-minded people – has become the secret sauce of the coworking industry. It makes you feel a part of the community, while giving you the freedom to be a solopreneur.

For someone like Deadpool, (who is never accepted by the Avenger or the X-Men), coworking gives a sense of belonging, while he carries on his solo adventures.

These innovative, vibrant and beautiful shared office set-ups are cropping up all over the world, and are becoming a go-to place for freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs and even VCs & Investors as they serve an amazing platform to find fundable ideas and people and now even superheroes are using it.

Do you want to join the future of work and bring your business to a thriving community and a beautiful coworking space - reach out to us or sign up here.

P.S. We happen to have an amazing coworker who is a comic buff like us, trying to set up an amazing comic library at our space, we were able to extract the comic strips from them :P

Are you a comic junkie too? Would you like to join a comic club to read all the amazing comics - comment and let us know.

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