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A marathon runner’s take on entrepreneurship.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

As distinct and far apart as these two topics appear, I’d think there’s so much to learn from running and incorporating it into our day-to-day lives. So, I can easily weave running into any topic of discussion.

Being a runner, I can say with conviction that, if you put in discipline, diligence, and consistency, you’re already halfway through. As we know, there is no substitute for hard work. Of course, I will not overlook the luck factor. Some days are good and some just aren’t; perhaps that's where our luck plays its role. Even if I'm a seasoned runner, I cannot peak my performance on race day without a regimental training plan. Likewise in running a business, staying clued in and keeping up with the market trend is the name of the game. Putting in hours of hard work and networking comes a close second. Although we all have our own experiences to tell our tale, the basics or foundational drill would remain the same with slight variations perhaps.

A runner training for a specific goal like qualifying for a World Major or the Olympics may consider hiring a Coach for more scientific and foolproof training. Just the way an individual aspiring to start a business may approach a mentor or a consultant for better planning and perspective.

Considering the above factors does not mean there is no room for mistakes. As humans, we are bound to falter, which also means we’re constantly making progress as we learn from the mistakes we make along the way. That said, making mistakes is not the end of the world. There is nothing that cannot be corrected. Not immediately, perhaps, but with time. While running a marathon, several thoughts cross my mind, which is not always pleasant. As fatigue kicks in after 35 km or so, the mood changes from happy to sad to angry to even getting into a murderous rage. While I'm gasping for breath, I'm almost always questioning my decision to get into this grueling sport which leaves me half-dead after a race. Not just that, it takes me at least a week to even partially recover. But that feeling after crossing the finish line is unparalleled, making me feel like a victorious warrior, no less! So, I'm back in training for the next event just as soon as I recover. Likewise, the high that comes from running your own business, no matter how small, would be matchless. The prospect of starting something new and giving employment to your staff, and watching the venture grow would seem gratifying and rewarding.

In conclusion, I can say that consistency is the key when it comes to running your business and pursuing running as a sport, no matter what your goal is. The saying “No pain, no gain” comes to my mind. The time and effort we put in are exactly what we get from it.

- This blog is written by Deepika, a Marathon Runner and a part of the SPACEPLEXX team.

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