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Etiquettes of working at a coworking space.

We call this a coworking space for lack of a better word, but it is a community. We've already learned about community living in our formative years at school, so we know it's a loose reference to an extended family.

This is a very innovative work culture for most people. A culture that is more accommodating, transparent, and forward-thinking.

When we share workspace, we also share a big chunk of the day with our coworkers. This necessarily requires us to be mindful of several aspects. Starting from our basic interaction, to how we maintain our work table, personal hygiene, and even our conduct are important.

Below are some of the critical points that will come in handy :

- Consider common courtesy

This translates to basic manners like cleaning up after yourself while using the restroom or pantry. For example, in a restricted pantry space as we have at Ikigai, spending longer than usual lunch hours would be uncomfortable for those who are yet to eat. A little consideration on everyone's part will take care of this. Common courtesy extends to all shared resources, and while common services are available, it is imperative to understand shared resources within a community workspace.

A greeting at the start of the day or the end can help build collective courtesy towards each of the members.

- Mutual respect

It's imperative to be respectful to your coworkers and everyone around you. Mutual respect will help reduce workplace stress, conflict, and problems. For eg: Each time you interact with your team members, be cordial and kind. Respect different opinions and avoid using derogatory or divisive language.

- Keeping the workspace/desk/station clean

The workplace is a shared environment that everyone should contribute to keeping clean. When you use a common tool or item, make sure to put it back in its designated area so others can locate it. Wipe down dirty surface areas, such as tables and counters, to maintain a clean, organized workplace. Keeping your desk neat and clutter-free would be helpful to the next occupant. A clean workplace can increase motivation and productivity within self and teams.

- Be friendly with your coworkers

Friendliness extends beyond interpersonal relationships when it comes to a coworking space. It’s always more fun to go to work if you have a friend at work. Making yourself approachable in the workplace can also improve your relationships with your coworkers.

- Be mindful of your voice - on the phone and while talking

A relatively larger space like Ikigai will have many people in conversation at the same time. Therefore, it becomes important to be conscious when we talk, so as not to disturb our coworkers. Taking care of your tone and pitch while speaking would be an added advantage.

Working in a coworking space can be fun & rewarding if you can make the most out of your peers and the community and not just the workspace. Drop a 👍🏻 if you work out a coworking space in your city.

- This blog is written by Deepika our newest member of the SPACEPLEXX team.

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