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13 Reasons Why! - A millennial Left their workplace.

Millennials are different from those that have gone before, they are also more numerous than any soon-to-retire Baby Boomer generation. They will have as many as four or five different careers-not jobs in the course of their professional lives. This new generation of the workforce is hard wired for change and for maximising their skills to fit in with their personal life goals. The future of the workplace is also changing, to fit the requirements of this unique generation. Millennials don’t want to work from a regular office with a cubicle or from their desks at home. Working from cool offices with agile workspace design is becoming the new normal. Following are the 13 Reasons Why a Millennials is moving out of their workplace and moving into a coworking space.


Freelancing in isolation can lead to depression, loneliness, a decrease in productivity, and a host of other issues. Humans are inherently social creatures. We thrive when placed in communities, when we feel a sense of belonging. With a growing freelance economy, this isolation problem is increasing. Coworking is the solution, since it lets you work on your own while still being surrounded by like minded people. According to a survey by Deskmag 82% people feel less isolated, when working from a coworking space.


Coworking helps you keep a check on your work and social life. Organizing your work time as an entrepreneur or freelancer is important for your own sanity and the people around you. It doesn’t necessarily mean a 9 AM — 5 PM corporate office schedule but scheduling your “work” hours and leaving home to do it will help you get more work done and less hassle and more serendipity when you’re “off” the clock. Shift to “Never in hurry, always on time” from being “Always in hurry, never on time”. Many love coworking spaces because it allows them to have a physical space dedicated to work, one they can remove themselves from at the end of the day. It helps them leave their work at work, so they can be more present and engaged with their family and other fulfilling activities in their personal lives.


The community element of a coworking space is the true magical element of the movement. Being a part of a community reminds self-employed individuals that their struggles are shared. It gives them a plethora of “coworkers” with whom they can vent and trade tips. Together, a group of coworking freelancers naturally forms a mutually beneficial support system.


Coworking offers a variety of options for you to work from. Most coworing spaces offer open workspaces, i.e Hot Desks and Dedicated Desks and also private cabins. They also offer meeting/conference rooms, for your professional meeting with clients. The fun bit about these workspaces is, its not just all work, they also have breakout spaces, where one can go relax, just read a book , work form a couch, or just have a conversation with a stranger sitting next to you.


Coworking helps make you feel being a part of something. Working in a room where others are also working can help you focus and get your work done faster. It also helps you feel like you’re involved, without actually having to be involved. At the same time, if you need a quick tip or have a question you’d like a genuine opinion on, you will always have your coworkers near by.


Coworking spaces serve as an excellent platform for people to network with other coworkers and local community of like minded people. It is a platform to make connections, network, share knowledge and ideas. People need people (Not just Technology). You never know a coworker sitting right next to you could possibly be your client or a supporter.

I’m glad you’re still reading, having fun?


Coworking spaces promote a culture of flexibility, openness and innovation, by their very virtue. These spaces not only offer flexible services and space options, but also flexibility of movement and communication. You can CHOOSE to talk to someone, you can CHOOSE where to sit and work, you can CHOOSE when to come and when to leave.


Coworking pricing is driven by value, whereas office space rentals are driven by profit and physical dimensions. Plus it saves you from the hassle of actually going through the tedious process of finding a right broker to actually setting up an office somewhere. The cost is definitely worth it. Setting up your own office space can be tedious and drain a lot of resources, capital and time, which usually is not a requirement or ideal for new or existing businesses who are looking to scale up without extra liabilities.


Most coworking spaces host many kinds of events, from lunch and learns to happy hour. Events are a great way to make connections with new members of your coworking space. Attending can arm you with new knowledge which helps you advance professionally. It’s a great way to connect with your fellow coworkers, too.


There is no restriction on increasing/decreasing number of seats in a coworking space unlike conventional leasing, where due to limited size of leased space, expansion becomes difficult. If your team size decreases in number, you don’t have to pay for the entire team, but just the members actually working from the space.


Coworking hinges on the belief that innovation and inspiration come from cross pollination of different people in different fields or specializations. When you are looking to hire people for the services you need, chances are you might just find the person at the coworking space you are working from itself. Coworking also provides freelancers with the opportunity to network and collaborate with potential corporates and startups for services that they provide.


A key element of starting a business is having a support system. Being around other entrepreneurs is very motivating, and exchange of ideas and thoughts with like-minded people can is beneficial. According to a Deskmag survey, since working from a coworking space 80% of people felt more motivated at work.


When working out of a coworking space, you don’t have to worry about the administrative stuff like, mail handling, office maintenance, stationary etc. All of that is taken care by the coworking space and you can concentrate on the more important aspects of your work.

DISCLAIMER: This Blog does not have any resemblance or in any way is related to the famous Netflix tv show 13 Reasons Why. The reasons for the shift from traditional offices to coworking are serious but a shift to a coworking space is not as tragical as the show ending. It is a genius move. ;)

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