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A FUTURE OF WORK: Superheroes Coworking! - Edition III

A tell-tale of superheroes joining coworking spaces and Why? Follow along chaps!

What goes in the mind of Deadpool when he thinks about traditional office spaces vs Coworking spaces.


Deadpool wasted half of his energy in sorting bills when he was working from a rented space. Bills in the beginning of the month, bills during the month, bills again at the end of the month. DP hates having to worry about bills all the time. Remember he almost even killed Professor X over deposit. When he heard about coworking spaces, he could’t believe, there was no deposit needed to start working and he did not even have to worry about bills. The rent of his workstation was inclusive of all sort of bills. There was no additional cost he had to worry about and only had to pay a prepaid monthly subscription to get a workstation. He was immediately down to try it and even bought his best friend and look alike Spider man along.


Your workspace doesn’t have to be all work and no fun. A very important part of any coworking space is the break out area. This is the area where you are likely to form connections and have your water-cooler moments. When Spider man was looking for a coworking space, it was very essential for him to find a place, which allowed him to rest hi spider sense and provide him with a space to just be Peter, play his video games, read books or juts lie on a couch like a teen ager. While, coworking spaces have a professional dedicated desk, like the one Deadpool uses, they also have spaces, where you can just read a book, or play games, or even take a nap. A coworking space should be agile enough to support all the ways you want to work.


Even the Genius Billionaire is on a look out for freelancers. Coworking is a great options for big businesses, since it helps them find these freelancers, right at the space they are working. Mr. Stark found his guy Peter, whilst working at a coworking space. For Iron man, Spider man was the perfect go to go guy, available in the vicinity and Spider man found a mentor in Mr. Stark, Spidey also has got Mr. Stark to share his tech with him to get better at his job ;) - Win-Win!!

71% of coworking space members collaborate, these spaces are great to find mentors and freelancers.

84% coworking members believe they more motivated and engaged in their work when coworking. For a teenager like Peter, working with other freelancer superheroes, keeps him motivated and on his toes all the time. - Source


The Future of Work, eh? But why?. Well Doctor Strange went forward in time to view alternate futures to see all the possible ways to work. He saw fourteen million six hundred and five alternate futures and in only one he could see where maximum productivity was achieved, whilst also having fun and making meaningful connections and it was working out of a Coworking Space, with an additional benefit of not just existing, but BELONGING to a community.

These innovative, vibrant and beautiful shared office set-ups are cropping up all over the world, and are becoming a go-to place for freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs and even VCs & Investors as they serve an amazing platform to find fundable ideas and people and now even superheroes are using it.

Do you want to join the future of work and bring your business to a thriving community and a beautiful coworking space - reach out to us or sign up here.

This is the Finale of our Future of work : Superheroes Coworking! series, find our first two blogs below.

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