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Coworking spaces in Surat.

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

In past 7 months or so, Surat has seen a boom in number of coworking spaces in the city.

While, the coworking movement is growing all over the world and in India, an industry that has emerged in itself, Surat has also seen a fare share of rise in number of coworking spaces in the city. We remember when we started, people being skeptical of how a forward looking work culture would work out in a city dominated by traditional businesses and practices.

Now, things have changed, more spaces mean the share of people using a coworking space has increased (from being non-existential) moreover, this means more awareness amongst the people about this new working style.

Find out below a list of all the coworking spaces in Surat.

  • SPACEPLEXX Coworking space.

Spaceplexx is Surat’s first coworking space. It is a platform with an environment that fosters innovation, communication, collaboration and human connections to inspire makers and doers. We do so by providing the right environment to learn, share and grow, increase productivity and build ideas and get inspiration from our shared, social, community-driven cost-effective workspace.

A social workplace for entrepreneurs, freelancers and corporates to collaborate, share knowledge, network and make work happen.

Reach out to them here :

Facebook :

Location : Vesu, Surat


Space Lounge is a Coworking space, where freelancers, startups can enjoy a vibrant community & top notch office amenities at an affordable price in Surat. Their location gives you the opportunity to cowork in an exciting environment of entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups and to be part of plenty of events and a professional network.

Reach out to them here :

Facebook :

Location : Majura Gate, Surat


The place boasts of zen-inspired workspace with well designed conference room, meeting areas, break-out zones to catch a breath or network and collaborate, pantry to satisfy the hunger and a warm reception to receive your clients. Needless to say coffee and tea are on tap. They think the highlight is access to highly curated events by mentors from across the country who will be keen to share their knowledge and insights to help you change your business trajectory. Hi-speed wifi, printer access, preferred event access and other membership benefits obviously!

Reach out to them here :

Facebook :

Location : Vesu, Surat

  • IKoVerk

IKoVerk is a membership-based workspace where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting.

It is a place that converges people from different Professional Backgrounds which may include Startups, Freelancers, Consultants and young Entrepreneurs. The Idea is to offer “a Plug and Play” Workdesk with wide array of amenities and provide you an opportunity to connect and collaborate with other coworkers. The “Synergy” surely works when you get an exclusive access to the “Think Tank” – our Mentors spanning across various field of expertise and our highly “curated community events”

Reach out to them here :

Facebook :

Location : Althan-Bhimrad Road, Surat

  • SYNCORO Co-innovation Hub

Syncoro is a value-added startup accelerator platform that brings together key stakeholders of startup ecosystem - entrepreneurs, mentors, industry/corporate & investors - under one roof to create a synergy that paces up innovation.

They also have a dedicated section for women only coworking - "SHECORO", a one of it's kind in India.

Reach out to them here :

Facebook :

Location : Athwagate, Surat

  • G9 Capitol

A business home, Contemporary and eclectic of its kind coworking space which fosters your novelties.

Facebook :

Location : Piplod, Surat.

  • Ikigai by SPACEPLEXX

A Flagship Coworking space by SPACEPLEXX and second center in Surat, spread over 6500 sq. ft.  with private cabins open workspace, dedicated workshop and events area and an open to sky terrace. A perfect professional oasis. 

Reach out to them here :

Facebook :

Location : Althan, Surat

With so many coworking spaces in the city, all different from one another and unique in their own way and the community it thrives, deciding which coworking space to opt becomes difficult. Know How to find the right coworking space for yourself in Surat?


Want to schedule a visit of our space, reach out to us.

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