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Solopreneurs, Freelancers, and startup teams are now giving up on work from home/cafe options and are opting for alternate workplace solution.These bunch of people who are choosing alternate working style and challenging the 9–5 Job paradigms are increasing throughout the World, and so is the alternate workplace option : Coworking spaces.

Coworking Spaces offer shared, social workplace for entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Startup Teams with a Pay-as-you-go Model. These collaborative workplaces bring a sense of togetherness for like-minded group of people who work differently in different fields, BUT Together.

Deskmag — An Online Coworking Magazine Platform, conducted GLOBAL COWORKING SURVEY 2015–16 and the results clearly showed the growth and relevance of such spaces around the world.

coworking spaces are doubling worldwide every year. One of the top reasons why people head to coworking spaces is because they want interaction with other people (84%).

Check out few Stats regarding the benefit and why coworking spaces are a wonderful place to be you and your business.

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