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Failure sucks but instructs! A safe space for being authentic & vulnerable- Community Conundrum #5

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

When was the last time you shared your failure in front of people, owning up to the mistakes you made in the past?

Silly, right? I mean why would you do that? Well, our next Community Conundrum - Fuckup Nights Surat will persuade you to think otherwise. They embrace failure stories with pride, trust, and celebration.

Fuckup Nights is a global community present in more than 300 + cities all over the world. There is a global team that gives out licenses to individual Fuckuppers’ to host these evenings in their respective city. Fuckup Nights Surat is run by Aniket Gupta, who also happens to be the Founder of SPACEPLEXX. :P So we are basically using one of our platforms to talk about the other.

Let's dive into all things community for Fuckup Nights and Fuckup Nights Surat.

What does the community hope to achieve?

Accepting and embracing failures and treating them like a necessity rather than a disgrace. We hope to break the stigma around failures and fuckups. We hope to inspire individuals with professional failures ( read: Fuckup ) stories; which are authentic and vulnerable. Bringing a change in how companies perceive failure, to eventually build more resilient organizations.

How will the world be different by having this Community?

The idea is that people living in our city, country, or the world become more open to sharing failures, accepting failures, and talking about failures. So the world looks at fuckup as a stepping stone to growth.

What is the “vibe” of our community?

The vibe is casual, comfortable, and encouraging; so we can all be a part of the safe space. A space that gets people talking, sharing. The warmth also encourages listeners, our audience to speak up and question our brave presenters, and learn from their experiences.

How do the individual experiences connect to the community’s overall goals?

Individual experiences provide a platform where people can come and openly talk about failures, at the same time it gives everyone a chance to question their own failures, look at their failures through others’ perspectives. People who attend our events have often told us, “They don’t feel alone after listening to their stories. They don’t feel like a failure.”

What are the roles that members play in the community?

The most important role of each and every member of the community is to be nonjudgemental towards presenters. With that we want members to accept, question, and share openly.

How does Fuckup Night connect to a Diverse Audience?

Not everyone is able to connect to all the presenters but the idea is if each attendee is able to connect to one of the presenters, the goal of the event is achieved. If their story resonates with even one person, they have got something out of attending the event. This is why we try to cover people from different backgrounds, different industries; that ensure the audience is getting the most out of it. Our Audience has been a mix of seasoned entrepreneurs, family-business professionals, young startups and businesses, academics as well as young students.

How can the community tell the stories of its members and events and what value does it create?

Having the ‘Fuckup’ word in our brand name, it limits our option to advertise online on social media channels. But, nonetheless, the Global team always finds a way to have their message heard organically. This is done through Fuckup Media via blogs, photos, videos, etc.

Fuckup Nights are tackling this problem in 3 ways.

  1. Failure institute, the research arm, which works closely with organizations and companies to understand why they failed.

  2. Fuckup Nights Event format. City-based events and private events.

  3. Fuckup media. - to share content around failure and embracing them.

How is the community financed?

The community is financed through ticket selling of individual events by using the Fuckup Nights brand name through the annual licensing fee structure. You could bring fuckup Nights to your city too, visit to look for a local chapter around you, or if you're interested in starting a Fuckup nights chapter in your city.

Where does the community meet regularly - physically or digitally?

Every city hosts about 3-4 Fuckup Nights over the year. Right now due to the pandemic, it is happening digitally all over the world. Some of the fuckup night communities are very active with hosting the online edition of Fuckup Nights throughout Quarantine and post that as well. An attendee who was earlier restricted to only attending the city events and hearing about local stories can now get access to any global events and stories from all over the world.

Does sharing and learning from failures resonate with you as well? - Well! We might have some good news for you. Fuckup Nights Surat is planning to host their next OFFLINE event very soon before the end of 2020, to well celebrate the cluster fuck this year was ( or not! ) - Events may look different in this post-pandemic era, but the stage, the vulnerability, and the authenticity of our events will remain the same.

If you’re interested in attending the next fuckup nights Surat ( OFFLINE!! Edition ) or know someone who has a failure story to share with a bunch of enthusiasts, here is the link to register for their next event. or follow us on Instagram to stay updated!

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