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Joining A Coworking Space is the Best Money I’ve Ever Spent! - Our member's account.

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Art work by Kunal Lapsiwala.

When we are in school or college, despite most of what we learn is total bunk, we pay exorbitant fees and worry to get into one. Just to clarify, I am not an anti-educationalist. In fact, I believe these places teach us one very important thing, that is the discipline!

Somehow, I seem to have forgotten this fact in my mid-twenties. I had just taken a major turn in my career preference, I wasn’t earning much and I did what any responsible individual would do, cut down my expense. Hence, I decided to work from my home office and frankly it wasn’t the worst!

Just every day when I would reach my work-saturation too early, I would tell myself, I don’t need a separate place to work better, I just need more discipline. While the truth was I desperately needed a space whose by-product was discipline, like old school days, just this time I would study a major of my choice.

Fortunately, with all this on my plate plus my sister’s wedding, I finally set out to find a place!

A month passed and I still wasn’t successful. Until one day in the gym, after an intense workout, another gym enthusiast was talking about her coworking space- Spaceplexx, and that was my solution right there! Just that I had to find enough sustainable cash for the time being and see this as an investment. And boy, it turned out to be an awesome investment!

Problems with working-from-home that I didn’t realise yet while joining Spaceplexx

  1. Too much freedom is too much distraction– I had the freedom to move around like a nomad, eat 5 meals in the afternoon, go out for lunches, sleep even at the slightest urge, etc, etc. And those distractions were not working in my favour.

  2. Lack of discipline– I could follow the worst discipline regime and there was no one to make me feel guilty about it. Whether you believe it or not, the guilt of not working hard enough while sitting in Spaceplexx, pushed me forward, each day.

  3. Lack of motivation while running downstream– Sitting alone to finish up a task while I was lazy was my downstream. And once I reach there, there was no coming back, I would surely waste the rest of the day on Netflix. At Spaceplexx, I found that motivation in just the environment.

Now, it’s been almost 5 months that I work here in this coworking space and I can surely stamp on how it has completely changed my working landscape. The reasons for these changes are given below.

  1. More Awareness- Until I stepped out of my den, I didn’t know what I was missing. My brain before was only limited to the information that I read, until later, it was an open field, with so much of information/learning from so many other.

  2. More Opportunities- Coworking in my dictionary is a recruitment field. People are growing and moving forward and you never know where you might find your deal.

  3. Like-minded people lead to a great conversation– It gave me a community and exposure to introspect the issues at hand. These conversations were not just solution oriented, they were to explore the possibilities.

  4. Events- Different events lead to exposing my work and talent to different people. In fact, I found some of my genuine clients through these events.

  5. Joining a Force of passionate people- Let’s be honest, coworking in my neighbourhood (Surat) is yet to thrive, so these people are in it for the passion to give back, rather than the monetary gains, which gave me a motivation to also work towards my end goals without measuring my progress just in money currency!

  6. All about the Brainstorming- Individual thoughts combined generate good ideas, and more than that, its fun to progress with the brainstorming when many others have their inputs to give.

This note here is my expression of gratitude to Aniket and Darshita and yes, the co-working concept.

Hope you guys keep growing and I am right beside to watch!

Also, Hire her for any content service that you would require, and believe us you will not be disappointed by her work. We know it because we see her everyday working :)

If you like to be a part of a thriving community where we celebrate work, reach out to us here.

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