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Outside the Box Workplace for Creative and Entrepreneurial Minds.

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Coworking emerged as concept and in its capacity as an aftermath of the dot com boom and now, these social and community based shared workspace are becoming a common place for people with creative and entrepreneurial minds.

Starting your own business, as a freelancer, in a team for a startup or as a solopreneur one of the easiest accessible work place options tends to be either work from home or, from a local coffee shop or renting a small office space.

Work from home option is the Free Option. But, at the same time it comes up with a plethora of distractions, loneliness, varied levels of productivity and a lack of professional environment to meet clients. Another common option prevailing is working from coffee shops with decent wifi and good coffee but such spaces also come up with crowd, noise, that curious waiter who is looking towards you because you’ve ordered just one coffee since past four hours.

Coworking spaces provide an alternative out of the box workspaces which are community driven, affordable, beautifully designed shared work place for the creative and entrepreneurial minds of today.

The approach is founded on a principle that by choosing to work together, more productively, their work is more impactful and subsequently make lives, cities and communities better.

Setting up your own office space can be tedious and drain a lot of resources, capital and time, which usually is not a requirement or ideal for new or existing businesses who are looking to scale up without extra liabilities.

Identifying creative approaches to office space can be a great way to save time and money. A key element of starting a business is having a support system. Being around other entrepreneurs is very motivating, and exchange of ideas and thoughts with like-minded people can is beneficial.

Coworking spaces are changing the paradigm of of office spaces and work culture, specially for freelancers, startups, and new business starters. It offers flexible and collaborative environment to learn from fellow coworkers, network, a bunch of people who believe in your idea and challenge everyday to make great work happen. These spaces help increase in productivity and make work more enjoyable.

“Coworking is not just about renting space, but using a community service.”
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