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Podcasts on the go! #4

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Podcasts are magazine subscriptions for your ears. They are an easy and great way to stay educated and informed in the field of your interest or hobbies. If you are intrigued or interested in new ideas, chances are you can find a podcast that can inspire you to develop this new interest or for personal /professional growth, you can find podcasts by experts of the field to accelerate the growth process. The most wonderful thing about podcasts is, they are easy to listen to while you are doing something else like walking, driving or even working out.

If you are looking to start listening to podcasts, all you need is access to the internet and find a podcast platform or application that suits you and then sample some of the many thousands of podcasts made around the world.

This month we bring to you - 'Masters of Scale'

Masters of Scale is an original podcast hosted by LinkedIn Co-Founder and Greylock Partner Reid Hoffman showing how companies grow from zero to a gazillion. The series unfolds like a music-infused detective story as Hoffman tests his theories with famous founders. Masters of Scale is the first American media program to commit to a 50-50 gender balance for guests.

Do you find yourself chasing the same big idea again and again. you return to it, sometimes wittingly, sometimes unwittingly. Never put a limit on your first idea. It could span your entire career. Ev Williams, co-founder of Twitter and Medium (and Blogger, before that), shares what he learned in every iteration of his grand vision to connect the world’s brains. A reminder that passion and perseverance can be paths to scale.Listen to the podcast below, or just go through some pointers we curated from the the podcast below.

In this interesting conversation between Reid Hoffman and Ev Williams, where they discuss how You never know just how far your first idea can take you, just keep working in its direction.

Technology changes, business changes, competitors change the landscape. But if it’s a vision that’s meant to guide you, you’ll start to feel the pull. And Ev felt an early pull.
And I won’t deny that luck plays a huge role in any highly risky career. But I don’t know of many entrepreneurs who strike oil on their first try, or their second, or even their twentieth attempt. You need some reason to keep going. And this is what we normally call grit or persistence. That persistence, that endurance, that grit, can actually lead you to scale.
Whatever’s at the top of that hierarchy makes everything else fall into perspective. And that’s what keeps someone like Ev — or me — in pursuit of that one idea. You keep going because every single thing you do is in service of your vision.
Ev found ways to get the job done. For two years — after his funding ran out and the rest of his team left — he kept developing this new service, Blogger. Most other entrepreneurs would have packed it in. And I’d argue that this is why many entrepreneurs fail. Ev stuck with it. He stuck with it because he had a vision that focused on a bigger problem. And this is the hallmark of an entrepreneur — or an artist, or a scientist, or an activist, or anyone really — whose first idea can span their entire career
Twitter may sound like a departure from Ev’s goal of connecting the world’s brains. On the contrary, Ev argues, that vision shaped Twitter from its inception. He saw Twitter as one way of getting people to share their thoughts at unprecedented speeds.
You can actually spend a whole career discovering how odd little behaviours that emerge online can redefine the network you thought you knew.
It’s about the network. The value is in the network, the value is not in the software that the Internet enables, the value is in the network, because there are so many implications of that.
Ev has developed an expertise over a specific kind of network — a network that enables the discovery, and distribution, and transmission of information. And he’s become a master of building the platforms for those kinds of conversations. And this is a skill uniquely suited to Ev, after a lifetime of trying again and again to build this network.
This can happen to anyone in the business of creating something new: You put your blinders down and speed down one path, and suddenly you realize you’re miles away from where you were trying to go. And at that point, it’s hard to double back and find where you went off-course. Especially when the company is highly successful, and has its own natural path — and doesn’t reach the destination of the founder’s vision.
So many people would have been delighted to found a company like Twitter and scale it for the rest of their working lives. But Ev couldn’t stop thinking about his larger vision. This idea of the thinking machine is like his creative center of gravity. And no amount of success can pull him away from that vision for long. He keeps returning to it.
Don’t feel fatigued by repetition. Instead, celebrate your single-mindedness.

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