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Productivity and Discipline are the by-products of a coworking space.

There definitely is something special about coworking spaces. Now we would obviously say that being on this side of the impact. So we thought, let's check some facts. One HBR study that we came across checks that levels of thriving in a coworking space approach on an average to 6 on a 7-point scale. This is at least a point higher than the average for employees who do their jobs in regular offices.

To a coworking space like us, it is pretty evident to see individuals thrive on productivity and discipline both after they join the community. Because we were curious to find out the reasons for such a level of thriving, we thought to pin down some experiential anecdotes.

First, unlike a traditional office, coworking spaces consist of members who work for a range of different companies, ventures, and projects. Because there is little direct competition or internal politics, coworkers don’t feel they have to put on a work persona to fit in. In fact, they can put out their raw persona without any judgments. Being comfortable in our own persona is directly proportional to being productive in things that need to be done, without wasting any energy on being uncomfortable for a show-off.

Second, working amidst people doing different kinds of work can also make one’s own work identity stronger, further pushing us to sharpen our own unique skill and discipline is a stone that needs to be turned to reach that expertise.

Third, meaning comes from working in a culture where it is the norm to help each other out, and trust us when we say this there are many opportunities to do so time over time. In some mystical ways, this intends to help others and also makes us more productive in our own work.

Lastly, coworking spaces are normally accessible 24/7. Coworkers can decide whether to put in a long day when they have a deadline or can decide to take a long break in the middle of the day to go to the gym. They can choose whether they want to work in a quiet space so they can focus, or in a more intuitive space with shared tables where interaction is encouraged. They can even decide to work from home, without repercussion. Now an individual that grows through this path has to become more disciplined because there is no other way.

This conclusion has been profound for us as well. We knew that coworking spaces are inspiring. Now we also know that it breeds productivity and discipline along the way. It's the best.

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