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What's the right seating option for you when joining a coworking space?

Coworking spaces usually have a range of plans available to cater to everyone’s needs. From Flexi Desks to Dedicated desks or having your private cabin, most coworking spaces will provide a variety of plans. How do these plans differ, one might wonder. Here is a quick guide of the benefits of each option, to help you figure out which option would best suit your requirements.


Flexi desk is a flexible membership where you have an access to an empty desk, without having one permanent space, with this freedom, have new people next to you every day, new conversations & greater collaborations. Perfect for those who need flexible access to a workspace but don't really need a private or dedicated desk to use every day.


Flexi Desk memberships are cheaper than the dedicated desk memberships, since you don’t have a permanent space and are using any available space in the open workspace setup. For many businesses it doesn’t make sense to pay for a space for a whole month, when it will only be used sparingly. For such businesses this membership also offers a part time monthly plan for limited number of days at a cheaper price for people who will not be using the space everyday. At an affordable price you still get to enjoy access to the meeting room/conference room, fully equipped office space with a high speed wifi and an amazing community.


Growing businesses can’t be sure that they’ll make use of the space permanently. If you are away on client meetings or opening your business in a new location or working remotely and have to frequently travel, chances are you don’t need access to a workspace in one location all the time. Instead, you require the flexibility to only use the location for a few days in a month and not waste money on paying for it for a whole month.

Ability To Grow

By choosing this more flexible membership, you are enabling your business to grow at the rate that is apt for you and it also means you can easily upgrade your plan too if needed. We have witnessed many coworkers start off with a flexible desk membership, only to upgrade to a dedicated desk or private cabin membership, as their business grows. With a flexi desk membership, you aren’t committing too much too soon, instead working in a way that best suits your business needs.


This plan allows you to have a desk of your own on permanent basis. This setting provides you and your team with privacy and permanency with all the benefits and perks of a thriving community.


Having a dedicated desk gives you a sense of ownership within the space. While the flexible desk members have a selection of desks to choose from everyday, you have your own desk, meaning you feel more attached to the space itself. With increased sense of ownership you also have a locker space attached with your desk itself.

Make The Space Your OwnOne of the main benefits of a dedicated desk is that you can really make the space your own. Decorate it or leave it plain, go nuts or keep it simple, it really is upto you, what you want to do with your own little corner in a fully funky and colourful office space. If you work from many screens or want to store important documents, a dedicated desk is a great way of doing this and creating a small home from home.


By choosing a dedicated desk, while you still have your own little corner, you are also surrounded by other businesses and like minded people who have chosen to do the same. With a Flexible desk membership, its not certain you will see the coworkers using a flexi desk everyday. Whereas, there is a strong sense of community through a dedicated desk which develops over time, as members get to know each other, understand each other’s businesses and learn how they can benefit from working together. We have witnessed vastly different businesses in different markets find common ground and form exciting collaborations.


This plan allows you to have an enclosed private cabin. Bringing your team into a private office means you get all the perks of working in a community, with everything you need to truly make your space your own.

Privacy & Security

A private cabin provides better privacy. While you are still part of a larger office, instead of an open workspace your office is set up in a private cabin. If you are someone or your business is such that requires a more permanent workspace, private cabins have an 11 month lease option with a one month in prior notice before you leave. Yours could be a business which requires solid communication and teamwork, a private cabin would give you the privacy to do so and you wouldn’t have to move around too much in the office.

Fully Furnished Cabin

Our cabins come fully furnished with desks, chairs, storage and white board to brainstorm. Not only can you make the space your own, but the space itself is customisable to fit the unique needs of your businesses. With a dedicated desk, you can still decorate your corner, but cannot customise the furniture or move it, whereas with a cabin you can set up the space as you please.

A Personal Office with All The Coworking Goodies.

Just because you opted for a private cabin doesn’t mean you will miss out on all the dividends a coworking setup brings to you. You can still socialise with people in the breakout areas and participate in events to get the best out of your networking potential. It can hence, be a win-win situation. Bringing your team into a private office means you get all the perks of working in a community, with everything you need to truly make your space your own.

In conclusion, if you’re at the early stages of developing a business, you will enjoy the flexibility of flexi desks. This isn’t to say, however, that flexi desks are only for businesses starting off – we’ve seen our flexi desk space used by businesses of all sizes, from all sectors. If you are seeking the flexibility of using the space when you want, then flexi desk is definitely the right membership. However, dedicated desks can work just as well for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking for a desk to make your own, which you’ll use frequently and become part of a community, then this membership is the right one for you. However if you are looking for a private office, while you can still be a part of a thriving community, private cabins would be the right choice for you.

Flexibility in our service offerings, helps you to choose the plan that best supports your needs and working style, individuals to teams our plans can cater to everyone's requirement. If you are a big team and want different plans for different teams/individuals within your business, we customise plan which could give you access to a combination of any of the above plans, for instance the core team could be in the cabins while interns on a flexi desk.

We at SPACEPLEXX provide flexi desk, dedicated desk and private cabin in form of ready to move in office space in Surat. Whatever your business needs are, explore our membership plans or further get in touch with us to get a customized plan.

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lukman mansuri
lukman mansuri
Dec 20, 2022

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