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Workspace revolution for the new age.

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The number of independent working professionals and startups are increasing as we all know, and this trend is only going to increase. With the increase of such hustlers, creative and entrepreneurial minds there has been a rise of coworking phenomenon.

These innovative, vibrant and beautiful shared office set-ups are cropping up all over the world, and are becoming a go-to place for freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs and even VCs & Investors as they serve an amazing platform to find fundable ideas and people.

Today some of the big multinational and leading companies are experimenting with the newer workspace design with keeping design and community element at the centre to enhance productivity and reduce isolation for their employees. But, as a solopreneur or a startup having the luxury of owning or operating from such space is an expensive ask, this is where coworking spaces fit in beautifully providing beautifully designed shared workspaces which are built around community elements and provide an amazing platform to fight work isolation and give a sense of belonging.

Coworking addresses the issue of isolation and lack of network with flexible and affordable workspace solution for small businesses and independent workers and bridging the gap what landlords offer and what businesses want with attractive benefits like high speed internet, beautifully designed workspace, free tea/coffee, networking & knowledge sharing opportunities. But, the real value of such spaces lies in the community belonging and the collaboration that can happen.

“coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” — Henry Ford.
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